tutorial written by Nemesis

Example resized 75%

For this tutorial you will need:

Psp 7

The Visman filter

The font I used is called Inspiration and is a pay font.
This tube ...
Angel tube
When using this tube plz always add ©Wenke.
Thank you Wenke for putting down all the time and
effort in making these images for me ! @-}}--

Install the font and the tube !

Now lets get started !

Open up an image 600*600 pixels with a transparent background.
Add the tube with the scale 70% in the middle of the image.
Go to effects/ 3d effects/ drop shadow and add with these settings:

Vertical: 0
Horizontal: 0
Opacity: 84
Blur: 6.2
Colour: Black

Add a new raster layer (layers/ new raster layer.)
Select the text tool and add any text you want to.
these are the settings i used...

With the text still selected add the text effects you want.
Then go to layers/ merge/ merge visible.

Now duplicate your layer, Hide the first one.
Go to effects / plug-in filters / vm toolbox / zoom blur.
Set the Amount to 50 and the adjust to 30.
Now duplicate this layer two times so you got three copies.
highlight the first copy layer then go to effects / noise.
Tick uniform and add noise with 10 %.
Highlight the next layer and add noise with 12% and the third with 15%.

Now make the angel with the text visible.
Duplicate this layer 2 times.
Place the layers like this...

Now merge 1 with 1 and 2 with 2 and so on.

Save the image as .psp
Open it in animation.
Go to file/optimizing wizard then press next.
now click costumize and then partial transparency.
Now use these settings...

Make sure the blend colour is white.
Now click ok and then next and finish.
All you have to do now is save as .gif and you are done!

Hope you had fun!
Happy psp.ing :0P

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
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but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
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