Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7 or 8

Xenofex 2.0

The font I used is called Impact.

This tube: Athena
This tube is made by me in poser and totally Free for you

Start with opening up a new image 500*500 with a transparent background.
Select your preset shapes tool and set the shape to rectangle, line width to 5
Set stroke to : #56060B and fill colour to black. Draw a rectangle the size
335*335. Add a new raster layer ( layers / new raster layer).
Set fill colour to #56060B and stroke to black, set the line width to 1.
Then draw a rectangle this size: 20*315 add a drop shadow with these settings...
Horizontal: 0
Vertical: 0
Opacity: 100
Blur: 7.4
Colour: #C20900
Duplicate this layer and move it to the right.
Duplicate this layer and go to image/ rotate and rotate 90 degrees to the left.
Duplicate this layer. Then use the mover tool to move the layers like so...

Hide the bottom layer by clicking the glasses on
the layer palette. Then go to layers/ merge/ merge visible.
Duplicate this layer then go to image/ mirror then image/ flip.
Now go to effects/ plugins/ xenofex / shatter and add with these settings...

Go to image/ resize and resize with 85% (make sure you untick resize all layers.
Unhide the bottom layer by clicking on the glasses again.
You should now have something like this.

Add a new raster layer then select your draw tool. Set the line type to single line.
Set the line style to #8 Dot. Make sure you only have antialias ticked.
Set the style colour to #7F0707 and draw like this...

Select the preset shapes tool again, leave the style colours as is then draw
a heart the size : 56*58. Go to selections/ select all, selections/ float
and add an inner bevel with these settings...

Duplicate this layer add the same drop shadow as earlier and then add
xenofex/ shatter with the same settings as earlier.
Move the unshattered heart to the shattered corner and vice versa.
Add a new layer and add the tube with the scale 55%
Lower the opacity on the tube layer to 55%.
Add a new layer then add text with these settings...

Then go to image/ rotate 90 degrees left. Now select the deformation tool and
use the nodes to change the names to fit the space. Like so...

Duplicate the layer and rotate with 90 degrees right.
Now drag the opacity down to 50% and move it into place.
Now merge visible, save as .jpg and crop if needed.
Happy psp.ing!

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

Copyright Nemesis Tutorials