Frequently asked questions

If there is anything else you are wondering about then
please don't hesitate to email me and ask :o)


Q: My superblade pro wont work properly, I get a black
box around my text and I can't get it right. What do I do ?

A: Superblade pro is known to do a bit as it wants to
some days it works and some it just wont.
If you want to get rid of the box there are two things you can try.
First try and float your text and then add the sbp. If this doesn't
work then first float and then defloat, now add sbp.
One of these should work @-}}--


Q: All of a sudden half of my layer palette disapeared.
Now I can only see the names of the layers and nothing else.
I don't know what happened and I can't change it back ! plz Help !

A: For some reason this is a common thing. As why it happens
I don't know, but I do know that you can fix it really easily :o)
Close down psp. Go to start/ run, type in regedit press ok. Now go to hkey current user/
jasc/ psp7/ layer palette. Then click on VSsplitterWndLeft if it says 0 or a
low number change it to about 100. Then click VSplitterWndRight and if it says 0 or
any low number set it to about 100 too. Close down the editor, open psp and hopefully
your layer palette is back to normal :o)


Q: When I apply my cutout effect all the other work I had on my
text disapears, why is that ??

A: Well first you have to make sure you're text is
floating. (selections/float) then you have to make sure that the "fill interior
with colour:" is unticked.


Q: How do I do the copyright sign () ?

A: On a stationary pc you simply press down alt and then press 0169 on
the number pad.

But what if you are on a laptop and don't have a
number pad then what do you do ? You press down the shift key then press numlock
and after that you press alt + 0169 and you should be able to create the sign.


Q: Why does my animation not show up as yours does.
Why do I only get one frame ?

A:Well this could mainly be because of two things...

1. you have merged your layers and then saved as .psp this means
you only got one layer, so it's natural that only ones shows up in AS.

2. You might have the other layers "x-ed out" ie hidden.
When you save as .psp with hidden layers and then open in AS they
will still be hidden and wont show up. So what you do to fix it is
simply to go back to PsP and unhide the layers then save again and
open in AS and they should all be there :o)


Q: What does it mean when you say set the line
width to 4? (when using the text tool)
As for example in the tutorial diamonds
and kisses.

A: When I say set the line width to 4, I must admit
that I asume that you know about the toggle tool bar options box.
Mostly because I always have it open myself, things that you do and get
used to you just don't think about. You just do. I know that this has
caused a lot of questions for many though.

So what you do it you select the text tool then you tick the little
blue and white button what says toggle tool bar options. This will
bring up a box that gives you the options to set the width of the
stroke line on your text. You can also set line type here.
My advise to everyone that uses psp frequently is to learn how to work
with this the tool bar options because it makes it so much smoother.


Q:I can't get rid of the marching ants, what do I do ?

A: What you do it press ctrl + d. This will deselect the image.


Q: What is the difference between a raster layer and a vector layer?

A: Raster layer is simply just a usual layer that is based on pixels,
so if u resize a raster layer picture it will make the pixels bigger
and make the image look blurry.
Vector layer is a layer where you can resize your image up and down
and it wont have any effect on the quality it will only make more pixels.


Q: I can't get my filters to work because I'm missing dll files.
What do I do ?

A: You need to download these three .dll files,, and Download them HERE.

Unzip this file and inside it you will find 3 different zip files.
Unzip and into your windows/ system folder.
Unzip the needed dll files into your plugin folder.
Now you should be all set to run all your filters.


Q: My fonts wont work even though I unzipped and pasted
them into the windows/ font folder. What am I doing wrong?

A: Well there are two ways to install fonts, and a few
fonts does not work if you just paste them into the font folder.
Meaning you will have to install them in another way.

This you do by Unzipping your font file.
Then go to start / settings/control panel/ fonts.
After this you click file/ install new font.
Browse till you find your font folder
select the ones you want to install and click Ok.