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For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7

The following font...
Medusa Font
this filter...
Toadies mosaic blur filter
and this tube...
Flower tube

Install the font, the tube and the filter.

How to install filters

You can off course use any font or tube you'd like.

Open up an image 300*300 with a transparent background,
size depending on how much text you want to add.
Select the text tool .
Set text size to 48, and make sure you have floating and antialias checked.
Set the stroke to null, the fill to a dark blue colour and make the text bold.
Now go to effects/ 3d effects /inner bevel. Use these settings:

Now add a new layer and Use the picture tube tool to add the tube.
Don't worry if it's not where you want it, just use the mover tool to move it ;)
Send this layer to the bottom (layers/arrange/send to bottom).
Now you probably have something looking like this...

Merge layers by going to layers / merge / merge visible.
Now duplicate this layer.
Then go to effects/plugins / toadies/ mosaic blur.
Add this with edges on and cell width = 15, cell height = 15.
Go to effects/ geometric effects/ wave use these settings...

Duplicate this layer (layers/ duplicate).
After that go to effects/ geometric effects/ curlyqs...
Use these settings...

Highlight the toadies layer and go to image/ flip.
Then pic up the mover tool and arrange the pictures.
Send the text layer to the top.
If you need to crop your picture, then go to layers/merge/merge visible.
Save as .jpg and you are done :o)
Why not add some sparkles ...
Hope you had fun.
happy psp.ing!

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