Artists links

A russian girl with lots of talent,
Why wasn't I born an artist ?

If you would like to see my permission email from Wenke then plz
do email me.

Psp Links
This is a great sites that lists almost all Psp sites I know of.
Have a look it will be worth it.

Well, when doing logos a good font page can be usefull.

A collection of some of my very own tubes made in poser.

The Almathera Filters
Almathera Plug-in Collection
Download 8 very useful filters here.

MuRas Filters
Gotta love these filters :o)
Specially since they are FREE :oP

Filter Factory
My absolute favourite filters of all times lol
You will need the plugin commander to convert them though :o)
These are also Free :o) But you may not share them elsewhere.