Tutorials written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7
Animation shop
Visman filter
Download my tube here
When using this tube plz always add ©Wenke.
Thank you Wenke for putting down all the time and
effort in making these images for me ! @-}}--

The font I used is called Polonaise and is a pay font.

Open up a new image 400*400 with a transparent background

Find a tube that you like and go to colours/ adjust / brightness/contrast.
Use the following settings to make it a silhouette...

Resize it to whatever size u want by going to image / resize.
Now go to layers/ new raster layer.
Use the text tool to add your text to that layer. i used size 72 on my text.
Then use the mover tool to move the text to where you want it.

You should have something similar to this now...

Go to layers/ merge / merge visible
Use the selection tool to select the image.

(chose the selection tool, click the picture once, press ctrl + a
- this selects the whole picture , now click the picture once again.)

Go to effects/ 3d effects/ drop shadow.
I used the following settings...

Use the crop tool to crop the image to a suitable size.
Duplicate your picture layer 3 times.

Now go to effects/ plugin filters / vm natural / sparkle.
Add sparkles to every layer. Remember to change the random seed a bit for every layer.

I set random seed to 1. 142 2. 24 3. 232 4. 73
Now save the image as .psp

Open the image in animation shop.
Go to animation/ animation properties and use the following settings...

Now save the image as .gif and you are done :D

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