Tutorial written by Nemesis

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For this tutorial you will need:

Psp 7 or 8

The visman filter

Open up a new image about 150*150 pixels on a transparent background.
Now we can either use a gradient to make the glitter or a solid
colour I'm going to use a solid colour in this tutorial.

Pick the colour you want your glitter to be. Then use the flood fill tool
to flood fill the image. Now duplicate this layer two times. Now with the
first layer activated (highlighted) Go to effects/ noise, tick uniform and
add noise with 40 %.

Activate the next layer and add noise with 43% then add with 37 % on the last layer.
Now we don't only want noise on this glitter we want sparkles too.
So highlight the first layer again then go to effects/ plugins/ visman natural/ sparkle.
Add with these settings...

Highlight the next layer and add sparkles but this time change the random seed a bit.
Then go the same on the last layer. Save as .psp open up in Animation shop and
save as .gif and your glitters is ready to be used ! wooo hooo !

And this is what out glitter looks like when being used :o)

Hope you had fun!
Happy psp.ing :0P

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