Poser by Curious Labs.

For some reason there seems to be sooooo many people interested in poser
at the moment. I think I get more emails about poser than I get about Psp :o|
Yikes ! lol And honestly I am not that in to it that I can answer all of them.

But to save me some time (instead of answering the same questions over and over again).
I figured I'd post some of the most frequent ones asked here :o)

You can go to Curious labs to read more about this program.
You can view galleries, read reviews and order the program.

If you already have poser and have seen everyone else do some pretty characters
that you cannot do then it is probably because you simply don't have that addon.
As each character (not the standard ones that comes with poser) has to be bought.
So yes in the end poser is expensive, unless you can do your own characters. I can't.
To buy extra addons you can go to Daz3d's website and look at what's avaliable.
Just a tip though, before you buy anything make sure you read the list
of what you need to just that addon to work...

As for tutorials I can honestly say I haven't done many because seriously there
aren't that many out there for a newbie user. You are pretty much left on your
own until you figured out how to work the easiest stuff and really ... it's not that hard ;o)

But I can Still put in a good word for Renderosity here you can get a gallery and show off,
you can look at others stuff. You can buy stuff that's not to be found anywhere else.
There is also a great gallery with free things for poser donated by very
talented people *smile*. You can also find some useful tutorials here.

A few other useful links I had in my favs are:

Le Monde Dakaro
Wonderful free downloads.

Kein Design
An excellent render tutorial that did teach me loads when I started.

One very talented lady with some awesome free downloads and tutorials!

Poserheaven By Wenke
Another very talented lady with some awesome free downloads and tutorials!

You don't wanna miss any of these sites ;o)

Happy Creating and happy googling !
Now this is about as helpful as I'm gonna be on this subject for now.
So I'm sorry if you have emailed me about poser and I have not answered.
I am very busy at the moment and always answer the psp questions first
even though them too have been a bit neglected lately.

Happy psp.ing !