Tutorials written by Nemesis
For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7
Animation shop
Visman filter

Open up a new image 300*300 with a transparent background

Use the draw tool to draw an image, make sure u use the following settings...

Now chose the magic wand and click the picture. This select the whole picture.
So we have to go to selections / invert. Now we got the image selected.
Use the flood fill tool to colour it, it doesn't matter what colour u pick.
You should now how something similar to this...

Go to effects/ plugin filters/ VM instant art / spirograph.
Use the following settings ...

Make sure the image is still selected.
Go to effects / 3d effects /inner bevel. Use the following settings...

Now we are going to put a shadow on the image.
Go to effects/3d effects/ drop shadow.
I used the following settings...

De-select the image and add any text you like.
Then add a shadow with the same setting as before.
Go to layers/ merge / merge visible
Use the crop tool to crop the image to a suitable size.
Duplicate your picture layer 3 times.

Now go to effects/ plugin filters / vm natural / sparkle.
Add sparkles to every layer. Remember to change the random seed a bit for every layer.

I set random seed to 1. 142 2. 24 3. 232 4. 73
Now save the image as .psp

Open the image in animation shop.
Go to animation/ animation properties and use the following settings...

Now save the image as .gif and you are done :D

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