Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:


xenofex 1.0

This Font

and this font...

You will also need an image of your choice.

Open up an image 450*400 pixles with a transparent background.
Select the preset shapes tool and select the rounded triangle.
Make sure you only have antialias ticked. Set both styles to black.
Now draw a rectangle 385*255. When this is done open your picture.

(If you use one of Bfg's Bryce pictures then please don't forget to add
Bfg on it somewhere. We want to give creds where it's due don't we. )

Select your selection tool, tick antialias set feathearing to 5 then select
arrow 2 in the drop menu. Draw a selection on the part of the image you want.
Something like this...

Right click on the selected area and click copy, Then right click on your rectangle
image and click paste as new layer. Use the mover tool to move the new layer into place.
Then go to colours/ greyscale. Now drag the visibility of this layer down to 25 on the
layer palette. You should now have something similar to this...

Add a new raster layer (layer /new raster layer).
Now lets add the text, I'm going to use scriptina and Zyborg.
Decide what kind of theme you want your template to have then
find a Poem or a part of a song you like and add like this...
When adding the first text I used these settings...

So now I got something like this...

Add a new raster layer.
Now select the draw tool and set type to single line, width to 1 and
and chose #2 arrow head at start in the drop menu. Make sure you have
antialias ticked and that your foreground colour in styles is white.
Then draw arrows like this...

Now add yet another new raster layer. Now we are going to add the big text.
Lets start with adding our name at the bottom.
Select the font Zyborg and add with size 20. When done you go click the deformation
tool and grab the ends and drag the name out till where the ends start to get
rounded on the rectangle then press apply and deselect (ctrl +d). Then drag the visibility
down to 40. Add a new raster layer then add the a word here and there with the size 16.
To get the word to go downwords as I did with sail away add one letter at the time.
Ok so now we got something similar to this...

Now that we decorated it and we're happy with the placement of everything.
Then go to layers/ merge / merge visible, then go to effects/ plugins/ xenofex/ crumple.
Add with the standard settings of concrete. Then select the select the selection tool
set selection type back to rectangle and set feathering to 0.
Then select the whole image. Now go to selections/ modify/ contract and contract with 3.
After that go to selections/ invert.

Now go to effects/ geometric effect/ wave. Add with both amplitudes set to 2 and
both wavelength set to 10. If you wish then go to effects/ 3d effects and add a drop
shadow, to make even more template like then drag the opacity
down to 68, I kinda like mine the way it is though so I'll leave it like that :o)
Crop, save as .jpg and you're done !
Well done !

Hope you had fun!
Happy psp.ing :0P

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

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